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Redbank Valley Trails is a 51-mile non-motorized, 4-season trail currently being developed and improved mainly by volunteers. It was recognized by DCNR as PA’s first Trail of the Year for 2014 for its scenic beauty, connections to other trails and the amazing dedication and hard work of our volunteers. 42 miles parallel the scenic Redbank Creek through mostly natural areas over many bridges and stone arches.  The trail travels from the confluence with the Allegheny River (MP 0) through New Bethlehem in Clarion County at the mid-point, touching on Armstrong County, through Hawthorn (near the Redbank Valley Municipal Park), Summerville and continuing currently to just beyond the Rose Siding Bridge, near Maple Street, (and MP 42) in Brookville, Jefferson County.  There is also a 9-mile spur from Lawsonham to Sligo also in Clarion County. The area downstream of the Climax Tunnel at MP 17 and the Sligo Spur are open but have not been improved at this time, although our volunteers continue to work to make improvements.  The trail is currently closed for safety reasons near Hawthorn from the Pine Run Bridge (MP 24.77) to Alcola near MP 22 while sewage lines are installed for nearby communities. 

Donations are needed and appreciated to fund maintenance and additional improvements to the trail.  Trail improvements began only in late 2010. Please be patient with us as we work to develop and maintain the trails.

Please check our current status report for current trail conditions. Current Status 9-1-14Use of the trail is at your own risk.

Please use caution and do not approach wildlife. Bear, deer, snakes and other wildlife frequent the trail area in natural areas.  Be aware of your surroundings.  It is recommended that you and your pets wear orange during hunting seasons which include the months of September through March.

Redbank Valley Trails connects to the Armstrong Trail and from there to the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail Alliance trails, the Great Allegheny Passage to D.C., and will eventually connect from Rockwood on the Passage to the 9-11 Memorial Trail when that trail is developed.  It is also part of an initiative to connect Pittsburgh via the Redbank Valley Trails to Ridgway in the heart of the PA Wilds.

NEWS:  Work is under way on many parts of the trail in 2014. However, all 13 miles of the trail in Jefferson County have now been improved, including from Baxter to Coder at miles 36-39 in Jefferson County. Check out the beautiful ride to Brookville at Mile 41 from Mayport or from the Summerville trailhead at Mile 34.

We’re hoping that work will soon start on rehabilitation of the Climax Tunnel at Mile Post 17 in Clarion County to fix a large fall of bricks from the ceiling. Work by volunteers continues in many other areas. We continue to seek grant funding to rehabilitate and open the tunnel. Volunteers will also be working between the closed Climax and open naturally carved Long Point Tunnels.

A segment of the trail in Hawthorn is currently closed until further notice for the safety of the public during sewer line installation and sewer plant construction between Pine Run Bridge (Mile Post 24.77) and the Alcola Cemetery (Mile Post 22.4).  Sewer line work from Alcola through Fairmount City to New Bethlehem at Mile 21 is now also underway. Please watch for trail closures in these areas. The Pine Run Bridge is now closed and not passable until further notice.  We hope that the work along the trail in Hawthorn will be done by the end of October 2014. 

Watch for our fundraising events as we try to raise enough money to make additional improvements and fully open the Climax Tunnel and the area to greater recreational and economic opportunities.

RVTA will be participating in the Armstrong County Community Foundation Day of Giving on May 14, 2015 when your donations will be matched on a percentage basis to make your dollars go farther!  Your contributions are always welcomed and deductible to the full extent of the law.  For more information see the attached flyer.2014-RVTA-Day-of-Giving-Flyer. Thanks to all who contributed on May 8, 2014 and throughout the year. Membership renewals are encouraged and due in January.  All renewals help RVTA improve the trail and are much appreciated.

UPCOMING EVENTS:  Run the Redbank II on October 25th, 2014.  Check Facebook for more information on the event. RVTA,the Allegheny Valley Land Trust along with the Brookville YMCA and CREATE will be hosting and sponsoring the 2nd Annual Run the Redbank on October 25th, 2014 starting in Brookville. Sign up here.  https://runsignup.com/Race/PA/Brookville/BROOKVILLERUNTHEREDBANK or download the registration form. 



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